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ATA Mission Statement

The Alhambra Teachers Association (ATA) exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of teaching and learning; to advance the cause of free, universal, and quality public education; to ensure that the human dignity and civil rights of all children and youth are protected; and to secure a more just equitable and democratic society.

Executive Board

Our dedicated team of educators and staff members are committed to providing the best education and support to our students and community. Get to know our team below:

Ralph Hernandez.JPG

Ralph Hernandez



Gabriela Mangas

Office Manager


Jennifer Lankford

Elementary Segment Director,

Equity Chair

Ana Dacaret.jpeg

Ana Dacaret

Special Segment Director,

CTA State Council Representative

Andrew Bitterolf .jpeg

Andrew Bitterolf

SGHS Segment Director, Health Benefits Chair

ATA Logo 2 x 3 ratio.png

Victor Frias

PAC Chair

Alana Acosta.heic

Alana Acosta-Martin

Vice President;

Grievance, Organizing

Chair; CTA State Representative

Juliet Wagner.jpeg

Juliet Wagner


ATA Logo 2 x 3 ratio.png

Silvia Lohara

Elementary Segment Director, Elections Chair

Kristin Keenan.jpeg

Kristin Keenan

AHS Segment Director

Tammy Scorcia_edited.jpg

Tammy Scorcia

Bargaining & Finance Chair

View recent photos.jpeg

Elizabeth Pinkava

Executive Director

Araceli Arzate.jpeg

Araceli Arzate


Michael Hillman.jpeg

Michael Hillman

Elementary Segment Director


Cindy Vernon

MKHS Segment Director


Mary Bennett

ATA/Retired Representative

Site Representatives 

Special Representatives

Lisa Jones


Sandra Portillo

Health Service


Student Support Services; Elementary Counselors;

Intervention Advisors

Alex Kaminski


Monica Hinojos

Instructional Specialists and TT&C

Elizabeth Sesztak

High School Counselor


Gateway Counselor

Kathleen Victory


Stephanie Dunne

Moor Field

Kim Suehiro

Speech Language Pathologist

Gus Ramirez


Gina Centeno


Alhambra High School

Travis Corona

Andrea Lofthouse

Bryan Venti

Mark Keppel High School

Mike Chin

Benny Heredia

Thinh Quang Long

San Gabriel High School

Shane Purkiss

Monique Juarez

Michael Prochel

Solinet Wong

Ken Ma

Baldwin Elementary

Claudia Ramos

David Byer

Jennifer Murga

Brightwood Elementary


Fremont Elementary

Natalie Lovera

Janeth Banks

Garfield Elementary

Chris Ramirez

Catherine Livadary

Granada Elementary

Sarah Diaz

Christine Lu

Jenny Peng

Marguerita Elementary


Monterey Highlands

Debbie Yamamoto

Kim Lim

Northrup Elementary

Sonia Tovar

Jennifer Creel

Park Elementary

Tiffany Cendejas

Melissa West

Ramona Elementary

Sarah Smith

Cindy Lee

Repetto Elementary

Denise Perez

Nathaniel Walker

Ynez Elementary

Mari Li



Tammy Scorcia, Chair (Ynez)

Ni'Kysha Johnson (SSS)

Andrew Bitterolf (SGHS)

Natali Lovera (Fremont)

Jeanny Cuevas (Emery Park)

Cindy Vernon (MKHS)

Fringe Benefits

Andrew Bitterolf, Chair (SGHS)

Cindy Vernon (MKHS)

Rachel Avakian (Moor Field)

May May Lee (Northrup)


Alana Acosta-Martin, Chair (M. Highlands)

Ernie Chen (AHS)

Malin Chan


Silvia Lohora, Chair (Ynez)

Araceli Arzate (MKHS)

Kristin Keenan (AHS)


Jennifer Lankford, Chair


Tammy Scorcia, Chair

Political Action

Victor Frias, Chair

Marie Ibsen (Park)

May May Lee (Northrup)

Travis Corona (AHS)

Natalie Sanchez (MKHS)

Jose Sanchez (AHS)

Monica Hinojos (Ed Services/TT&C)

Kristin Keenan (AHS)

Tammy Scorcia (Ynez)

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